CosmoPortals provide web development services to clients with special emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Our services include web design and development using various web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XML, .NET, C/C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Java, and Ruby. We are workfamiliar with powerful integrated development environments (IDEs) like sourcekit, eclipse and coderun studio. We are an agile team with a DevOps culture. Since most web applications are multi-tiered with backend databases, our consultants can better understand end-to-end tier interactions and cover all your web needs under a single roof. We understand web technologies because we live it.

Our staff consists of project managers, web designers, database architects, software engineers, user interface experts and quality assurance testers all available to meet your project life cycle requirements. We feature teams of developers, some focusing on ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#) while others focus on PHP based projects, as well as a team of creative professionals to handle the creative design and implementation aspects of our projects. We strongly believe that these facets of our work are best handled by separate individuals working together, allowing each to focus on their strengths.

Our dedicated design team brings the creativity and technical skills required for creating industry leading web sites. Whether you are looking for a corporate look, contemporary look, or fun look, our design team will create a custom design that truly reflects the image you seek.